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At Santa Clarita Tree Care, we know there are times when a simple tree service is not enough and a tree must be removed entirely. While this is always disappointing because we hate to see any tree removed when it is not absolutely needed, sometimes a tree can be damaged beyond repair by weather conditions or human intervention. When the time comes, our certified tree removal team will assess the tree that needs to be removed and plan the best way to proceed to avoid injury or damage to your property.

Santa Clarita Remove Trees

Why Tree and Stump Removal?

Trees are a wonderful part of our Santa Clarita environment. They make our city feel alive and well. They also attract birds, insects, and other small animals that is all healthy for a thriving ecosystem. However, with time, some trees can begin to cause problems for those living near them.

An initial resolution is to make use of our tree trimming services, to ensure that the tree is maintained and trained to grow in a proper way that will fit well with its surroundings. However, there are times when a tree just needs to be removed altogether. These can include:

  • Poor building decisions, with trees planted too close to homes or other important facilities.
  • A history of neglected tree trimming and pruning.
  • Environmental changes causing death or damage to the tree.
  • Physical damage caused by landslides, lightning strikes, wildfires, or pests.
  • Human damage, caused by mowers or automobile accidents.

When a tree is beyond saving, our professional tree removal team can ensure that the process painless and stress-free. We’ll be happy to consult you on whether a tree-cutting service is appropriate for your tree or if you should actually try and keep the tree.

Tree removal often occurs in multiple stages and depends on the homeowners needs. After the initial tree removal, we can offer a stump grinding service to remove the leftover stump of the tree down to a few inches below the surrounding soil height, allowing a way better over all look

How Will I Know If I Need a Tree Cutting Service?

If you’re unsure if your tree needs to be removed, we’ll be happy to come out and take a look and not only provide a free tree removal estimate but give our professional advice on all options. Our team is the best in the business and the most trusted tree service crew in Santa Clarita. We recommend tree removal when:

  • The tree is dead or dying.
  • The tree has become a hazard, with the threat of dropping limbs or even splitting apart.
  • The tree has become an obstruction due to a history of improper or completely neglected pruning.
  • The tree is healthy, but crowded conditions require the thinning of trees.

In addition to these reasons, homeowners might want to remove trees because of new construction projects or to replace a tree with something like a new pool or garden. Due to the dangers involved in removing a tree, always hire a professional tree removal service. If you have a Santa Clarita tree that needs to be removed right away, get in touch with Santa Clarita Tree Care today, we’ll be happy to assist!

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