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Living in sunny California, you’ll be very familiar with the type of heavy vegetation that springs up in a surprisingly short time period of time. Whether it’s abandoned land, or just a sizeable garden that has been left for too long, this vegetation, known as brush, is unsightly and can cause problems. That is why we offer brush removal services to help you get your land back to a safe and serviceable state.

Santa Clarita Brush Clearing

Our Brush Removal Services

Brush becomes an increasing problem, year by year, growing into an unsightly jumble of trees, undergrowth, and dead vegetation. Here are several reasons why it is necessary to ensure brush removal is performed when vegetation has taken over:

  • Wildfires are a very real danger. The removal of the brush creates a fire break that can slow a wildfire and prevent it from spreading to your property.
  • Insects, rodents and other small animals love brush, bringing them far too close to your home. Removing their places to hide will stop them invading your space.
  • Brush areas promote damp, moldy conditions, which can affect healthy trees. Pushing back brush prevents the spread of mold to healthy trees.
  • Brush spreads quickly and easts into your usable acreage. Brush removal returns usable land to you.
  • Insurance approval can become difficult with unmanaged land. Brush removal helps improve your approval chances and may lower premiums.

Why hire Santa Carita Tree Care?

Not only does Santa Clarita Tree Care commit ourselves to excellent tree services but we take great pains to be the best all-around tree company in Santa Clarita. Most homeowners can use basic power tools, such as trimmers and chainsaws, to clear small areas of brush. However, this is an exhausting and painstaking process that can take many days. On the other hand, our Santa Carita tree services have heavy-duty tools, as well as vans and trailers, to allow us to remove brush from your land quickly. We can even offer stump grinding and other tree removal services.

Get in touch with Santa Carita Tree Care today to discuss your needs. 

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