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Three Reasons to Trust Santa Clarita Tree Care


    1. Certified Professionals:
      You better believe we are the local tree service experts! Our guys are licensed and insured in the state of California so you can rest easy knowing that we know trees! Every member of our team is trained in every element of tree service—that is, we’re trained in cultivation, land management, and the proper care of individual trees and plants.
    1. 2. Reliable Services:
      We ‘ve seen pretty much everything when it comes to trees. Tall and short, new and old. Whatever tree service you might have, you can count on Santa Clarita Tree Care to get the job done the first time. This is not our frist rodeo. 

    1. 3. Safety and Environmental Responsibility:
      Our first priority is safety, that goes without saying. But we also strive to keep our environment healthy. We love the outdoors and want to keep a healthy environment for years to come. Safety first and service always!

    You can rely on Santa Clarita Tree Care to be on time and get the job done the first time. It is our honest mission to service you and your home with whatever tree trimming or removal service you need. We know the best way to grow our business is to simply do great work. Whether it’s routine work or repairing the impact of storms, lightning strikes, or damage from pests, we’re here to help make your outdoor space a nicer place to be.

    Our Tree Services

    Santa Clarita Palm Tree Trimming
    Santa Clarita Stump Grinding
    Santa Clarita Tree Removal
    Santa Clarita Tree Trim Service

    Tree Trimming


    Tree trimming is what we do day in and day out here in Santa Clarita. We service any kind of tree, keeping your trees in check and preventing them from growing into an unmanageable problem.

    Did you know that careful and regular pruning helps to extend the lifespan of the tree? If left unchecked, trees can grow to a point where they cause problems and have to be removed – a service we also provide, but we prefer not to use unless absolutely necessary. Once you contact Santa Clarita Tree Care, we proceed as follows:

    1. Assessment: We will visit your home and assess your tree care needs and give guidance on an appropriate trimming plan.
    2. Preparation: Once we agree on a solid plan, we’ll then schedule a time/date that is convenient for you.
    3. Execution: Our licensed and insured team will execute the plan exactly according what was discussed so that we can ensure each tree’s proper health and appearance.
    4. Cleanup: Once the trimming process is done, we collect and remove all the left-over debris so that we can leave your outdoor space looking better than ever.

    Most of the tree trimming we do here in Santa Clarita is on Palm Trees which what we love to do. We also offer major projects, such as brush clearance or land clearance, to comply with California defensible space requirements in SRA zones.

    Brush Removal

    As we all know, brushland can spring up very quickly here in California, that stuff can grow like crazy! Left unchecked for a year or two, it can become a major problem. Santa Clarita Tree Care is armed with all the big, expensive equipment needed to make light work of demoing any type of brush and returning the land to usable specs.

    Brush removal is great for housing developments; it opens up large space for better landscaping opportunities and improves ability for homeowners to do more with what they got. Brush clearing also goes a long way toward creating the necessary defensible zones, per Californian law.

    The brush can also be home to yucky mold, insects, rodents, and other small animals that love to invade your home, don’t let that happen to you! By clearing brush your home will better protected and look much nicer.

    Tree Service in Santa Clarita CA

    Stump Grinding

    Once a tree is removed, it leaves a stump, obviously. But who wants that? While we always endeavor to cut a tree as low to the ground as possible, the stump is pretty much unavoidable. How do we deal with removing the stump? Glad you asked. There are then two ways of dealing with the stump. The first is to rip the stump out of the ground, a process that is both difficult due to the widespread nature of the roots and also very expensive. Ripping a stump out of the ground can leave some serious marks, which is a no go most of the time.

    The alternative is stump grinding. This involves a single machine that saws into the stump, turning it into sawdust. This process can mulch the stump to a depth of several inches, after we cover the hole with soil and leave you with the maximum usable garden space plus no unsightly stump, better than ever!

    Tree Removal

    We know there are times when you need to call in a Santa Clarita tree service for more than just trimming and pruning. Sometimes a tree simply needs to pack up and get out of your home. Tree removal can be either due to damage the tree has received, such as by the weather, fire, insect infestation, or even human caused damaged. Or it has grown in such a way that it is now causing, or likely to cause, damage to your home or business. In cases like this, our certified tree removal team will assess and execute the best tree removal service to safely remove the tree from your land.

    When a tree is beyond saving, our professional tree removal team will advise you on all your options to maintain a health and good-looking property without worrying about bad trees. Once the tree is removed, we recommend that you use stump grinding for the best results.


    It is a well-recognized fact that outdoor spaces are great for Santa Clarita residents. There is nothing like a well-maintained yard and garden. Whether it’s small space or something more organized, like a play park or a backyard lawn, having access to attractive outdoor spaces has a host of benefits for you and visitors.

    For SoCal homeowners, the benefits of our landscaping services are the speed and ease with which we create the desired outdoor living space. By removing brush, stumps, and damaged trees, and shaping and maintaining healthy trees, it’s possible to promote the look and improve the feel of your outdoor space.

    Beyond the physical and mental health benefits of a professionally landscaped area, the space can be more practically designed to make it more functional, with walkways, patios, and even irrigation systems to ensure the land is easy to maintain and or just be a place that is pleasing to sit and relax.

    Land Clearing

    Land clearing is a major project but one that is vital for expanding your business or home. Land clearing is not simple, that’s why our tree care service comes armed with the most efficient tools to clear your land in next to no time.

    Often land needs to be cleared for development, but there is also a need in many areas for homeowners to comply with the law that requires a 100-foot defensible space around their property. For an individual, clearing such a space would be a mammoth task that most would find impossible, but with our team of land clearing professionals, backed up with the best equipment, it’s a breeze.

    In addition to safety precautions, land clearing can significantly enhance the looks of your property, which has the distinct advantage of raising the perceived value of your home.

    Why We Want to Work with You

    As we’ve already said, our team is highly experience and licensed/insured. But what we love is getting our hands dirty, working on projects that excite us. We love working with our clients to flesh out their visions and then bring them to life. That’s why we want to work with you – every customer’s ideas are unique to them and their home, and it’s always a pleasure to meet new residents of Santa Clarita and provide them with a solution for their tree service needs. Most of the time it is just trimming Palm trees, but we can handle anything! If you’re looking for a local team of trained and experienced tree service professionals that actually care about their work call Santa Clarita Tree Care.

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    Reach out to us today and we’ll schedule a free estimate. Don’t let another day go by where your trees are not serviced!

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